Preplanning of a project


By using the presetting we calculate the necessary demand, if a ICF-installation for the sheathing bricks is profitable. If yes, the essential parameter based on your information.

The aim will be that the cost of an installation are offset against the building project, to achieve an harmonization in less time.

To construct a building with sheathing bricks effectuates a 300% faster building process as with normal kinds of construction like clay bricks, cladding for concrete pour, …


  • Missing data is identified
  • Identification of requirement and structure
  • Settling a time frame for the interim balance sheets
  • Estimation of the complexity of the work results
  • Vague scheduling for the management of time
  • Identifying if there can be overstressing of resources
  • Comparison and reality with the prefixed budget plan
  • If the cycle corresponds the one of the initiator
  • There can be an endangerment of the project and which arrangements can act against that