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Diese Seite dient nur zu Deiner
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All information and explanations on this site are non-committal.

ICF-Teaching takes no responsibility for the correctness of this information.

No guarantees are taken and no warranties of end product properties are made.

From the content of the website result no claims.

Mistakes considering the content of the website are immediately corrected if registered.

The content of the website cannot be up-to-date at all time due to the time-delayed updating.

Please ask us for the status, the technical details and availability of the products and services.

Links on other websites  are not permanently checked.

Therefore, we do not take any responsibility for the content of linked sites.



Downloading data and software


ICF-Teaching does not take responsibility for the correctness of data and software downloaded from the websites.

The software is checked by ICF-Teaching.

But we recommend to check downloaded data and software with the latest anti-virus software.



Copyright and other special rights


The content of the website is copyrighted.

It is allowed to save a copy of the website’s content on one computer for commercial or personal internal use only.

Graphics, texts, logos, pictures etc. can only be downloaded, reproduced, copied, changed, published, sent, transmitted or used in any other form after an agreement of ICF-Teaching.

Mentioned product or company names can be registered trademarks.

The unauthorized use can cause indemnity claims or injunctive relieves.



 Protection of personal data and confidentiality


There is no guarantee that transmitted information or personal data can be intercepted by others during the transmission.





ICF-Teaching does not commit for damages, particularly not for direct and indirect consequential damages, data loss, lacking earnings, breakdown of the system or production which result from using this website or downloading data from the website.

If there exists intent or gross negligence when a damage is caused through the use of the websites or the downloading of data, the disclaimer is not valid.

The privity of contract between you and ICF-Teaching through the use of the website is liable to the justice of the Cyprian laws.



Explanations of data privacy protection


As a rule you can go to any of the ICF-Teaching websites with no declaration of personal information.

If there are needed in an individual case  your name, your address or other personal data you are advised of it beforehand.

Your individual-related data is used to make our service for you as comfortable as possible and to ameliorate it.





If you decide to transmit personal data to ICF via internet f. ex. that correspondence can be done or an order can be executed, your data is handled carefully after the strict settlement of the Cyprian data protection act.

Through the request of the websites ICF receives data which is saved for purpose of guarantee and which may allow a identification ( for example IP-address, date, time and visited sites).

This data is evaluated by ICF-Teaching in order to get to know the user conduct and to develop statistics.

Thereby all actions of the strict safety standards of the teleservices data protection act

and the data protection ordinance for telecommunication companies are followed.

There is no individual-related utilization. The evaluation of anonymous made data record remains subjected.



Transmission of individual-related data to others


If data should be transmitted to service providers within the framework of order-data processing they are linked to legal commandmentsand contractually to the privacy policy of ICF-Teaching.

As far as ICF is obligated legally or via court order your data is transmitted within the demanded amount to posts entitled to receive information.

For other purposes ICF is not transmitting you data to others with our your specific agreement.





ICF is saving you data on specially protected servers.

Only  a few people entitled by ICF who are concerned with the technical, commercial or editorial assistance, are allowed to access it.



Right to cancellation


If you ask ICF-Teaching to use your individual-related data not for further contacting and/or to delete your data, it is acted accordingly.

Data which is coercively necessary for order processing or commercial purposes is not touched by quitting or deleting.

Please understand that in case of a cancellation a personalized service can not be given anymore because it is based on the use of client data.



Use of cookies


During the online session text information is collected in cookies and put as a special file in  ASCII- format (cookie.txt) on the fixed disc of the user.

Where the cookie is saved is controlled by the WWW-Browser of the user.

Cookies are information which are retransmitted to the server at the next online visit.

They can only be read by the server which has put them there beforehand.

ICF-Teaching is only using cookies if they are necessary for user function or if the simplify the navigation of the website.

The information is not offered to others because cookies are only used for earlier named purposes.

Most of the browsers are adjusted the way that they are accepting cookies automatically.

But this function can be changed in the browser at any time.

You can adjust your browser that it is contacting you if cookies are sent.




Linking’s to other websites


The websites of ICF-Teaching may contain link to other websites. ICF-Teaching has no influence on the editorial content of external websites and if the user follows the privacy terms.





The websites of ICF-Teaching are containing advertising spaces.

The delivery of the advertisement happens through external ad-servers.

The data (like Ad Impressions, AdKlicks) collected in connection with the online advertisement is for  statistical analysis and for the development of reportings for our advertising clients only.

For that no personal data is used.

At the delivery of the advertisement cookies can be used on which ICF-Teaching does not have influence.




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