Component part

Most of them ICF is an element made of neopor® from the company BASF and this high-class brick is applicable for all scopes of high-building, when it comes to thermal damping.

ICF means:

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Area of application
  • cultural buildings
  • cooled down or heated residential buildings
  • from the one family house to the multi-storey building
  • schools
  • office buildings
  • hotels
  • palaces
  • kindergartens
  • hospitals
  • swimming pools
  • indoor swimming pools
  • tempered commercial buildings
  • prisons
  • etc.

1951 production of polystryol-rigid foam (styropor) at the BASF
1973 award of the international patents for the first ICF-System

1975 Construction of the first ICF-House

1997 improved sound-damping, better formwork behaviour under pressure,
         passive house suitable elements with U-values up to 0,11

2003 some ICF-Systems changed to neopor® - BASF

Comparison between neopor of BASF and other insulation materials