Benefit and Necessity


The benefit of the ICF blocks is only limited by inventiveness.

Besides using ICF for the construction of buildings:

  • Feeders for animals
  • Planters
  • Cover for the roots of plants
  • Interior walls
  • The chamber for the concrete can be also filled with sand, if the wall needs to be built very fast, for a short time and degradable easily.
  • Bowls for ponds
  • Walls to keep back sand (in deserts, ...)
  • Street barriers
  • Anti-noise barriers (The form can vary)
  • etc.


The decision of finding a future-oriented construction system is done by the inventor

  • Fast building technique
  • Quick realization
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to understand

The team of ICF-Teaching will take care of the technical and business-oriented realization

  • Only one contact person
  • Local support for a year


Benefit and necessity - Overview

  • Through the support of the ICF experteers (team of ICF-Teaching) the healthy construction method can be learned really quickly.
  • No heavy construction equipment needed anymore. Even the ceiling can be done by two people.
  • Through the proven very high thermal insulation a very good atmospheric environment develops, supported by integrated sound-insulation.
  • Through the sticking system a light-weighted wall is created.
  • For the support and securing of the wall ICF-bearings are integrated.
  • The whole wall can be corrected as long as it has not been filled with concrete.
  • Earthquake resistant up to size 8
  • Hurricane resistant up to 5 (Saffir-Simpson-Hurricane-Scale)
  • Installations can be done without effort, quickly and easily.
  • The concrete doesn´t need to be cherried for the slots.
  • The concrete is the criterion for the verifiable calculations. The ICF-element works as the sheeting component. The thickness of the concrete core can be designated arbitrarily.