investment securityAccount of trust

All-inclusive-price corresponds to fixed price!


    • Offers safety for all involved people and it is the most efficient alternative for the initiator of the project!
    • The administration is guaranteed by an independent advisor.
      • A mandate is only given, if the equivalent amount is available.
        • The contractor receives at successful completition guaranteed his arranged outstanding debits, as well as the partial payments.
    • The initiator receives the interests, furthermore he bears the bank charges and the tax burden on the interest yield.
    • At the completition of the project the remaining sum is retransfered immediately
    • The account of trust is used for the stated all-inclusive-price of a project.
    • The initiator transfers a fixed amount to the account of trust.  This sum can vary from the all-inclusive-price and even be smaller.
    • The application of his money arranged via a contract before.
    • The initiator is informed up-to-date about the monetary flow.
    • Special payments need the agreement of the initiator.