Exclusive swimming pools

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figure treading waterWater and ambience

Outdoor swimming pools.

Embedded in nature, with a breath-taking view or based on striking shapes and colours. Consideration of the surroundings and picking up on the architectural and natural features  can make outdoor swimming pools unique masterpieces. And equipped with the latest technology, they  can also be enjoyed well into the cooler seasons.

In their most beautiful form.


Indoor swimming pools.


Whether a private, restful place or an exclusive feature for hotel guests. Swimming pools are a world in themselves that involve more than just a pool of water. Only a matching overall concept  into which the entire room is integrated will create a unique ambience. During the conception of our pools  we therefore always address the special wishes and expectations of our customers; together we find a theme  that can be used as a basis for all the elements.


Extraordinary spa and wellness facilities, theme-based, creatively designed and built using the technology: this is Fire + Ice Wellness GmbH. The medium-sized business from Bavaria has entirely on the wellness and spa sector for more than ten years and has earned itself an entirely on the wellness and spa sector for more than ten years and has earned itself an reputation during this time. Numerous international projects and around 20 highly qualified motivated staff for planning and installation enable us to implement extraordinary ideas, almost any customer wish and to incorporate these into a harmonious overall. 


Our range of services includes all activities from conception, planning of the services and aspects, all the way to completion of the installation work, commissioning and maintenance of facilities. We place particularly high value on transparent consultation throughout the project, usage of high quality products and dependable.


Our range of services

  • Conception, design, planning and site management for:
    • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools
    • Private and hotel pools
    • Dedicated buildings for indoor swimming pools
    • Whirlpools
  • Artistic design of swimming pools
    Swimming pool systems:
    • Swimming pools made of plastic or stainless steel
    • Filter and purification systems
    • Roller blind covers with heat recovery
    • Ventilation systems with heat recovery
  • Services:
    • Sealing work and damp room insulation
    • Customer service and maintenance service


For more than 30 years J. D. Schwimmbad-Bau + Design GmbH from Albstadt has stood for excellent design and extraordinarily high quality in the construction of swimming pools and landscaped  swimming areas. Whether ornamental in oriental style, simple and modern, or exclusive and regal:  every pool is unique and is individually designed so it is optimally matched to needs and perfectly  incorporated into the architecture or the natural surroundings. The experience from considerably  more than three thousand projects all over Europe enables us to find the optimal solution for every  requirement.

16 highly qualified staff on three sites in Germany, Spain and Switzerland ensure the work goes smoothly and provide perfect service. This service of course includes, along with detailed consultation  and planning, the selection of the necessary systems, site management and co-ordination of all  construction and installation activities.



J. D. Schwimmbad-Bau + Design GmbH


The exclusive world of swimming pools