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Cotec design.

Cotec walls are unique. Matched to your furnishings, your atmosphere, your corporate design, we design your entirely personal finish in 40 different looks, varying grains and almost every colour. The  secret of the exclusive finishes is in the Cotec designer's comprehensive knowledge of the complex technology  and the material combinations, which to some extent stem from antiquity. Michael Schiwek leads a team  of specialists who preserve this knowledge and have been able to refine it time and again in numerous  projects.

Wellness bathrooms.

Individual, water-repellent finishes. Walls without tiles or joints. A creative overall concept that corresponds to your expectations of an exceptional room. This concept makes  your bathroom into that something very special. We will help you to realise these dreams, and that,  if required, without removing tiles and the related mess and dust.

Exclusive wall & facade design.

Exceptional rooms and facades are always the result of a coherent overall concept. We will therefore accompany you from the start to the finish of the work, will always be available  with our many years of experience, our creative ideas and our comprehensive knowledge of the design of  surfaces and the selection of materials, and will support you in matching with other areas. Irrespective of  whether in the private or business sector.

Exterior design.

Masterly exterior design begins with the recognition of the character of the building and its integration into its surroundings. To create a coherent overall image, details such as balcony railings or  facade profiles can be emphasized or toned down. From intensive consultation through the application of  test strips to scaffolding erection, we will accompany you during the entire process.

The business “Michael Schiwek“ has been in existence since 1991. The owner and person after who the business is named is a master painter and decorator, certified energy consultant in the painting  and decorating trades and Cotec designer trained at the Cotec Academy. First class service and  perfection in all actions and processes are the foundation on which our success is based. Michael  and Anita Schiwek, together with their team, are happy to take all the time necessary for each of  their projects to achieve an impressive result  and to make working together a pleasure for all involved.

Our business based in Altenmünster in Bavaria is specialised in high quality, elaborate, complex decorating work for the private and business sectors. We are one of few businesses that provide  Cotec design finishes. Along with first class consultation and execution our range of services also  includes an erection and cleaning service for before and after our work. You can rely on our written  quotation and the deadline guaranteed on order award in the same way as on absolute punctuality  and dependable execution.


Our range of services

  • Interior design:

    • Wall design: wall paints, wall coatings, stencil work, mouldings

    • Creative ceiling design with lighting, mouldings, bordering, suspended ceiling elements

    • Premium wall and ceiling design with exclusive Cotec design finishes

    • Wallpaper: international design wallpapers, unusual materials

  • Exterior design:

    • High quality facade renovation and facade design with special attention to colour-matched details, e.g. balconies, windows and shutters, doors and gates, fences, etc.

    • Facade profiles: preservation of historic facades, enhancing contemporary architecture

    • Cotec-brand facade Tempus XII

  • Bathroom design:

    • Complete bathroom renovations

    • Renovation without tile removal Wellness bathrooms without tiles, water-repellent walls with Cotec design finishes


Michael Schiwek


Cotec designer


Specialist for high quality decorating work